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Ranked Top 25 on the Inc. 500 List of
Fastest Growing Private Companies in America
We incubate, invest in, and advise fast growing web3 and crypto startups
BDE Ventures focuses on web3, blockchain, crypto, digital assets, and video games. What began as a marketing agency, now serves as a venture studio that specializes in helping startups and projects grow and succeed.

BDE advises on range of topics, including seeking venture capital, networking with influential projects and individuals, marketing, general consulting, overall project incubation and project launches.
BDE Ventures ranked in the
Top 25 Marketing Agencies in America
With the rise of web3, the metaverse, and blockchain technology, there is a growing need for venture studios that can provide specialized advisory to companies operating in these areas. BDE Ventures recognized this need early on and has positioned itself as a leading strategist.

BDE's strategies, tactics and marketing campaigns have attracted tens of millions of users to various technology apps and video games, sold millions of products and services, entered into strategic partnerships with major brands, conducted PR campaigns for celebrities and iconic companies, and earned huge numbers of social media followers.
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002 // About
[ about us ]
[ about us ]
BDE Ventures ranked
in the Top 25 Marketing
Agencies in America
002 // About
Meet the Visionary Founder of BDE Ventures
brian d. evans - lifeloung entrepreneur
A Passionate Web3, Crypto, NFT, Video Games,
and Blockchain Enthusiast
Brian is an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur who founded, advised, and consulted companies in various industries such as eCommerce, digital marketing, NFTs, blockchain, AI, advertising, video games, and more. Brian has a passion for all things Web3, Crypto, NFTs, Video Games, and Blockchain. As an early-stage investor Brian also makes strategic personal and company investments into promising startups. Brian ranked #1 on the 40 Under 40 list, 2023 (LA Weekly).
003 // Founder
Brian D. Evans
Meet the Visionary Founder of BDE Ventures
brian d. evans -
lifeloung entrepreneur
A Passionate Web3, Crypto, NFT, Video Games, and
Blockchain Enthusiast
[ founder ]
Brian has recently been cast in “The Next Crypto Gem” TV Series as one of the three judges in an American Idol meets Shark Tank-style crypto show. The show is being produced in collaboration with bspoketv, Hourglass and NEFT Vodka. Published writer on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone, Inc. Magazine, Influencive, etc. Content has been read over 32 million times. Brian has a knack for solving important entrepreneurial problems and advises fast-growing startups.
003 // Founder
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Web3, Crypto & Blockchain Venture Studio
We Advise, Invest, Incubate, And Network
Our Portfolio Companies
Influencive is a leading digital publication for web3, entrepreneurs, startups, blockchain, gaming, and technology. Red pilled on Web3. Was previously a top web2 entrepreneurial publication.
Affinity Collective is an invite only web3 mastermind group incubated by BDE Ventures, featuring some of the most prolific leaders in web3. Forge Connections, Master Web3: Affinity Collective is a private community of high achievers. features some of the most influential people in the industry as well as project founders and passion oriented builders.
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[ 002 / Affinity ]
Web3, Crypto & Blockchain
venture studio
We Advise,
Invest, Incubate, And Network
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[ our achievements }
At BDE Ventures, we are passionate about shaping the digital frontier by fostering innovation, culture, and connection in the evolving world of crypto, blockchain, and web3 technologies.

Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for groundbreaking projects and ventures that redefine the way we interact with digital assets and leverage the transformative power of blockchain technologies and decentralized ecosystems. The journey from web2 to web3 won't be easy, but we are here to support those making the leap. And it all starts with educating the next 1 billion people about what web3 offers.
We aim to create a collaborative environment that encourages the bold exploration of new ideas in web3, nurtures the growth of pioneering startups, and drives the adoption of decentralized solutions utilizing digital assets across industries.

By connecting visionaries, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs, we strive to build a future that transcends geographical and socioeconomic barriers, fostering a truly global community united by a shared passion for harnessing the potential of web3 technologies and the ethos behind it.
bde ventures vision is the intersection
of human connection, culture and technology
web3 is the next evolution
of the internet
005 // Vision
005 // Vision
005 // Vision
[ our vision ]
[ our vision ]
bde ventures vision
of human connection, culture
web3 is the next evolution
of the internet
and technology
is the intersection
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